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Fit 4 Treks | Resources


Consider the time commitment necessary for training.

Fitness levels vary amongst all trekker’s. As a general rule please allow at least 3 months to adequately train for the trek.

Consider investing in a heart-rate monitor to track the intensity of your training sessions and the improvement in your fitness.

Consider using a personal trainer, training with a partner or join a fitness group to add variety and to increase motivation and share the experience.


Stretch at the beginning of each session and again at the end of each session.

Be aware of the importance of rest, listening to your body and not overtraining. Overtraining will cause fatigue, injuries and a decrease motivation to train!

Try to join a gym or get a personal trainer to explain all exercises for you to ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly.

Please consult a medical professional (GP) prior to commencing any physical training.

Do you want to gauge your fitness levels? A good start is to use our Fitness testing guide above.